Hi, my name is Dave Davis, This is where I have the opportunity to let my hair down and share some of my other interests and opinions, no matter how radical those ideas and opinions may be. ha ha ha.....

I was born on a US Marine Corps, Navel Air Station, just off the coast of North Carolina. When I was born the island was owned by the federal government and not part of a state. That is right!  I am an American anchor baby. ;)

I went to work as an, finish carpenter after college.  I loved construction and still do, even through I have worn my body out long ago.  I guess I was about 38'ish when I realized that I was not going to make it too 65 to retire as a carpenter, so I began retraining in the computer industry.  I love computers, specifically web servers.  The early days of the internet are what sparked my interest - infatuation in this fast paced industry. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own.  Resistance is Futile!

Today I own a small web hosting company. I'm a webmaster specializing in custom, dynamically driven WordPress sites. I still consult as often as possible, usually in smaller business networks up to about 300 seats, but no real limits have been set. I do a lot of commercial photography. All and all I love the diversity my life provides me and enjoy life to the fullest :)

All the best, Dave