Belgium Waffles & Strawberries

OK, I’m talking to the guys here, Women please stop reading now!!

Alright guys, This is something so simple a small child can make this perfectly and so can you! Strawberries are in season, there gorgeous, delicious and cheap. I’m not even going into made from scratch, it doesn’t matter. Use mixes, pre-made toaster waffles, whatever. Make your girlfriend/wife (or both hehe) breakfast in bed, she’ll love you for it! This is a great, foolproof way to start!

Waffles, from a mix, frozen, I use: Krusteaz Belgian Waffle Mix (just add water), exclusively! It’s just to easy and fast to bother doing anything else!
1 basket of fresh strawberries.
1 can of whipped cream – or Lite whipped cream.
1 bottle of chocolate sauce. Substitute for strawberry sauce which can be found in the ice cream section of your favorite grouchier. Sugar free chocolate and/or strawberry sauce is available in larger stores.

Mix your batter batter and pour into the waffle iron, toss the frozen waffles in the toaster, whatever.
Wash strawberries and slice lengthwise about a 1/4″ thick and set aside.
Butter the bottom waffle, cover with sauce and place strawberries about 2 high and cover with sauce.
Place the top waffle over the bottom. Butter, place strawberries, add some sauce being careful – Pretty Counts here guys!!
Add whipped cream as desired, place a small whole strawberry on top.
Best served with coffee, milk, etc. Don’t forget to put a single rose on the serving tray!

I’m ask all the time, what is a great waffle maker? I use the Cuisinart WAF-F10 Belgian Waffle Maker, but just about everything will do the job for you. Cuisinart has a great reputation and lasts forever – imho 🙂



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