Digital Fashion

cierra_3325b-copyDigital Fashion occurs in many way. Usually they are merely an over the top or extended edit. In the example above with Cierra, I stitched two photos together before applying the into the sun effect. The profile – portrait to the right is straight up digital art and was shot specifically with this intention in mind. Regardless of the final results Digital Fashion and/or Digital Glamour, ties directly from my close association with the model. These types of projects are almost always unplanned and just kind of happen in Photoshop.  Once I am comfortable enough and get a feeling for the models personal preferences and tastes, I have ideas while looking at the raw files in Photoshop. I never really go searching through model shoots specifically looking for images to tweak this way or that. Although I just happen to know Cierra loves these examples I am using here, models do not always.

If when most of such cases I simply do not use the photo(s) on-line where they might cause any type of embarrassment to the model. Eventually if I love the shot too much, it will be used. Models are generally very particular about their images and they should be. After all it is their image too 🙂

The degree of digital enhancement varies greatly as my mood or feelings change towards a particular image . As I alluded to in the above examples its more of a feeling I have while looking at an image then anything else. Throughout the years I have collected many examples of what I call awesome, effective Digital Fashion and I love these projects so much!!

cierra_7723-copyCierra and I have been busy this year shooting advertising banners for a well known on-line boutique.  I love the style of work we’ve been doing and while it’s certainly challenging, artistic, eye catching and flattering, I would love to just shoot from my personal agenda and projects list!

I love shooting with a pro models like Cierra, she loves the “out-of-the-box” work as much as I do. Of course, she is very concerned with her images, which I have mentioned Most models are, but she trust me enough and pushes herself towards the highly unusual poses. I credit this to her own own creativity and her open mind.  It’s getting harder to find models willing to allow a full day of shooting on a green screen without some type of example to work from.


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