El Granada Chicken Salad

El Granada Chicken Salad Simple and Delicious!

ddp_7204I gave my brother a Camarons stove top smoker, for Christmas. What an ingenious, delicious little device that we both can never live without now.  OK, OK, so there is a learning curve and our first 3 attempts turned out to be jerky (though it was very Delicious pork chop jerky!). Now we’re really getting into it and our success factor has sky rocketed rather quickly.  On a whim I decided to to put a new twist on a Southwestern chicken salad, I had recently at Chili’s.

ddp_7227Our version of the chicken salad, centers on marinading the  skinless chicken breast in McCormick GrillMates, Citrus flavored. We followed the suggestion on the back of the package, by adding a quarter cup of freshly squeezed lime juice, one quarter cup of freshly squeezed OJ and a fist full of fresh cilantro.

Next I allowed to set over night in the refrigerator. We removed this delicious concoction from the refrigerator 1 hour before cooking. Finally we smoked it over apple wood for 30 minutes. It came out of the smoker almost cooked. This was my plan and I finished the chicken breast off in George Foreman.  The George Foreman, makes the breasts look “pretty”. Had someone not actually watched the process they would have assumes I cooked it outside on the grill.


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