Fake News or Reality?

You know most of Thursday and a good part of Friday I have been hearing reports on the Fake News media that the “Texas church shooter was ambushed and murdered by an NRA instructor as he emerged from the church”. And that this “vicious killer laying in wait was equipped with a chainsaw bayonet on his AR-15″…

As a Life Time NRA member I was outraged the first couple of times I heard this Fake News report!!   I must had fallen asleep with those liberal loons on the Fox News network repeating this fake news story every half hour. By morning I started giving this some serious thought and I began the think how useful a chainsaw bayonet could actually be.  Now I want one!  No, Honestly, Really guys! Just think about this a minute…..

Suppose you’re out hunting for some delicious animal to feed to your family for Sunday supper, or say a delicious turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. The brush may be really thick. No worries, just whip out your AR15 and hack that brush down…  Or say you’re our hunting with your grandchildren and you shoot a 6 point buck.  A 450-500 pound deer may be too heavy for the young tikes drag back to the truck. No worries…  Just quarter that sucker! Now you can sit in the truck with the heater on, drinking beer while your grandkids drag it back in easier to manage pieces.  I mean isn’t that the real reason you have grandchildren anyway?

Well, now all of your dreams can come true.  Announcing the Timber Wolf! an AR 15 chainsaw attachment.

That is right! an AR 15 chainsaw attachment!  While not quite a bayonet, the Timber Wolf™ mounts to your favorite AR 15 in a similar fashion as the M39 grenade launcher.  Weighing only 5.6 pounds the Timber Wolf™ is powered by a 20 volt lithium Ion battery and the special gear driven technology develops 3.2 Horsepower to the chain. The Timber Wolf™ comes with all mounting hardware needed to safely secure the until to your AR 15 and can be easily attach within 2 minutes. We also include 2, 20 volt lithium Ion batteries, 110 volt and 12 volt car chargers. Optional chain guards are available in: AR 15 gray, Realtree™ Camo, hunters orange an optional Sylendra Solar charging unit is also available.

Act now and receive the Barack Husain, option package for FREE! which includes: a dull chainsaw blade, the Sylendra solar charging unit and an hunters orange chain guard, imprinted with the popular slogan: Hand’s up, Don’t Shoot!

Don’t Be Fooled by Imitations. Demand the original Timber Wolf™ AR 15 chainsaw attachment!
Not available in California, Oregon, Washington, New  York, Illinois, Maryland or the District of Columbia.

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