Grilled Cheeseburgers/Chili Cheeseburgers

So the concept is relatively simple; You make a grilled cheese sandwich with a burger patty inside.

But then I do not like to follow the crowd lol, The burger patty needs to be uniform thickness, while ultra thin. To accomplish this a lay 2 pencils about eight inches apart on a cutting board covered in wax paper. Place a small hunk of hamburger meat and fold the wax paper over the top and roll with a rolling pin. I like to use sourdough bread, so I form my burger patty to fit my bread. After forming your meat patties, set aside in the freezer for at least one hour.

Cook the burgers until almost done – or to your taste, and set aside on a paper town. Blot both sides to collect all oils.
Next make the grilled cheese sandwich. After placing 1, 1/2 slices of cheese on on the buttered bread, place a burger patty. Cover with another slice and a half of cheese and top with the last piece of bread. Finish cooking as you normally would a grilled cheese sandwich.


For an added treat!!

Genitally lift to top off of your grilled cheeseburger and spoon a couple of table spoons of hot chili. Smother with shredded cheese, flip and cook for one minute to melt the shredded cheese…. Yummm….


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