Pacificnetworking is my personal, local area network, subnetted to use here at home. 🙂  I’m a mega-geek! I have more than 45 network and operating system certifications and I am continually working for more. I can’t really say I have a favorite but there are several I use daily and love so much I primarily specialize in Web servers but am very familiar with workstation server technology networking technology and firewall technology.

My local firewall and name server are powered by Linux, because of its stability. My primary domain controller is a SAMBA 3.0 server, running on Solaris 10. My Windows workstations connect to it flawlessly and have no clue its not a high dollar Windows machine. My internal mail server is Exchange 7.0 and I have it replicating to Send Mail server also running Solaris 10. I am running Windows 2003 as a media server.

I can’t wait until I get my tax return, so that I can throw up a new NAS, running FreeNAS.


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