the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia


I love my country, but I fear my government, especially my State Government!

Let’s face it, as a military brat I’ve lived all over America, I’ve lived all over the world. Needless to say I have traveled a lot and hands-down California is the most beautiful place on the Planet!  I guess that’s why I put up with the liberal morons in Sacramento. For as long as I have been paying attention the loons in Sacramento have been ignoring the wishes of the people and imposing their own rule. We are suppose to be electing servants, not dictators! It’s like when we vote for a tax increase to improve our deplorable highways and Sacramento channels hundreds of millions of dollars to build equestrian paths in Portolia Valley and Los Altos Hills. Our State Government is totally out of control. I believe that more and more “we the people” are actually becoming a hindrance to them. Please stop re-electing these people! Let’s take back our State! Vote No, on all incumbents! 

I urge any Californian reading this Vote No, on all bond measures! The money will not go to what it was intended.  My favorite diversion of funds so far is, all Californians are covering the cost of our State Senators to hire limos full time while they are in Sacramento. This will ensure when they are too drunk to drive they wont get another DUI.
Ummm, just a stupid question..  Are the Kaliforina State Senators hiring limos for us 24/7, so that we don’t get DUIs ???
Several of our State Senators received more then one DUI “while on official State business”.

Most if not all of the information provided here are excerpts from my blog:

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