Tablesaw Fence

My biggest complaint with the saw in general, was the accuracy of the fence. I knew this needed to be resolved to build cabinets, drawers whatever.  While surfing the internet for the perfect solution I found this ingenious table saw mod by Glenn ( and I just couldn’t help myself from tweaking it just a bit to suit my needs and specific saw.  🙂

I ran a double T/Miter track the face of my new fence. For strength and stability I laminated 4 pieces of 1″x4″ Maple together to use as the base of my new fence.  I also needed a bit more width to insure I could rip full sheets of ply wood by myself, so I added the width to accommodate 42″ inches. Building the fence itself with 3/4″ inch Baltic Birch.  Its extremely accurate and fairly easy to adjust quickly!!

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