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Homemade Ice Cream

Way back in the days before we knew that we we’re both diabetic, I gave my brother a Lello Gelato 4090 Pro, ice cream maker one year for Christmas. It’s fully self-contained, with its own freon compressor, the cream bucket … Continue reading

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Okie coney sauce

My grandfather used to take us to a coney dog place in west Tulsa, not too far from the fairgrounds. I have no idea what their called or even if it’s still in business, I imagine not. it’s been over … Continue reading

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Chili Con Queso sauce

I argue with a good friend living in the central to east coast of America. Lately we have been discussing con queso sauce and various prep-packaged recipes.  People PLEASE don’t go there! It’s just too easy to make delicious Con … Continue reading

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Smoked Filet Mignon

Pecan Smoked Filet Mignon, As I have mentioned before red meat is a rarity around here, so when we choose to dabble in the kitchen with it, we go all out!! I was walking through the store the other day … Continue reading

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