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Welcome to Harley the Hybridwolf’s
Sprit Home

This page is now and for evermore dedicated to my best friend. He allowed me to be the Alpha Male of his pack sometimes reluctantly for just over 4,1/2 years. Harley was born in Northern California 10-2-92, 92.5% Timber Wolf 7.5% Malamute. Harley died 6-22-97 of Lymphatic Cancer. Run with the spirt winds, my friend……

harley_00807Harley Davis, a hybrid-wolf, and he was a valued member of our family. At first we thought we were adopting him into our family; however, it soon became apparent that he considered us members of his pack. Harley’s credentials were impressive and the twenty generations of selective breeding made him not only gentle but extremely intelligent.

For anyone considering the adoption of a hybrid-wolf, the following are some suggestions that will be helpful. First, you must be willing to make a commitment to spend a great deal of time and love with the animal, especially when it is a puppy. Since a hybrid’s level of intelligence far exceeds that of a dog, special training is required. Obedience training with a competent trainer who understands hybrids is essential. The second requirement is their safety. Gather up all poisons or household cleaners and place them on the top shelf out of reach, or put a childproof lock on your lower cabinet doors. Remove all electric cords from open spaces if possible.

One important lesson we learned immediately was not to leave a leather wallet on a bedside table, or in the morning one will find the wallet eaten and bits of chewed-up bills in the water bowl. The next requirement is a good fence. If it is possible bury it several feet beneath the ground to prevent the hybrid from digging a tunnel under it; they can dig incredibly fast, and be gone in minutes.

Always remember, especially with a young hybrid-wolf, that you cannot assume that your special bond with the animal will guarantee that he/she will return when called. A leash is mandatory. Another cub characteristic is their experimental use of the scent glands in their tails; consequently, their tails are extremely sensitive and should be left alone.

Hybrids have a very deep commitment to the family unit, and especially males an inborn need to be Alpha. There are unsubstantiated stories of hybrid-wolves attacking their owners when they were ill in an attempt to take over the Alpha status of the pack. We never found this to be true with Harley. In fact we found just the opposite. When we were ill he was even more gentle than usual. The strong bond to the family is exceptional in this breed; however, in return they require a lot of attention.

We never found this to be true with Harley. In fact we found just the opposite. When we were ill he was even more gentle than usual. The strong bond to the family is exceptional in this breed; however, in return they require a lot of attention.

CDI2070He hated to be left at home alone, and on more than a few occasions dealt out his special brand of punishment to us. He usually looked for something he knew we valued and destroyed it if possible. If left in the car longer than he deemed necessary, which was about thirty seconds, he would eat the seat belts. We replaced the Ford T-Birds’ seat belts three times and the truck seat belts about six times. We were unable to break him from this habit.

h2We were constantly opening his mouth and ramming our hand, to our elbow it seemed, to dig out unhealthy items he had stored away in the roof of his mouth or under his tongue. He never protested our probing his mouth or picking his teeth. He loved to hide around the corner of the staircase and pounce on us when he thought we didn’t know he was there. When we pretended fright, it made him so happy that he ran in circles and yelped in happy excitement. With his high energy level Harley liked rough play, especially evenings when everyone else wanted to relax.
If we tried to skip playtime his favorite thing to do was raid the bathroom, emptying trash cans and stealing tooth brushes. His specialty however, was digging through the tennis bag and stealing tennis balls. If you ignored him he kept bringing them and placing them at our feet until a dozen were lined up in a row.

One of the characteristics of a hybrid-wolf is their unique personalities. They have an uncanny ability expressing their desires and fears. Harley had a different vocal sound for various events. For example, he barked at other dogs, but howled at other wolves. He had a quick high pitched yelp especially for snakes. In a thunder and lightning storm he wanted to be held or hide underneath the person with him. He growled menacingly at strangers, except for small children, who entered the yard. He had a playful whine when he demanded attention, and a mournful whine when he was ill. If he wanted more food at 2:00 A.M. he brought his food bowl to the bed and dropped it on you.

CDIA274Discipline was made difficult because Harley could run 25 miles an hour all day long with extraordinary stamina and strength. The best way to discipline a hybrid-wolf is to roll him over on his back and grab him firmly by the scruff of the neck, holding him until submissive. This is the way these wolves were disciplined by their mother after birth. Although some people think physical punishment is a way of discipline, this is abusive and ineffective.

h10In conclusion Harley was indeed unique even for a hybrid-wolf. Unfortunately he succumbed to cancer earlier this year. The last act of our love and our responsibility was not to let such a valued member of our family suffer. As the disease advanced rapidly, we put him down when his veterinarian said it was time. We consider him so special we have not tried to replace him.

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